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With more than 4 billion users, social media has become one of the most important marketing channels for organizations across the globe. However, in a world where users are constantly bombarded with new social posts, it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to be seen and heard by your audience.

But there’s one secret weapon you can use to charge up your social media marketing campaigns and get the results you want: video.

Let’s explore why video is such a powerful tool for social media marketing and how you can get started – even if you’re a little camera shy.

Why Video is the Secret Weapon to Social Media Marketing

Why is video such a powerful marketing tool on social media? Because it’s attention-grabbing. In a sea of content that’s constantly bombarding social media users, video stands out.

In fact, 93% of brands say they landed a new customer because of a video they posted on social media.

That’s not surprising since more people are watching videos today than in years past. Over the last several years, the total time spent watching videos increased 249%.

Video can capture the viewer’s attention for a longer period of time than other forms of content. But this isn’t the only reason to add video content to your social media marketing plan (although it’s a good one!).

Video Humanizes You

One of the biggest reasons why video is so powerful is because it humanizes your organization. You can create dozens of blogs and infographics, but none of them will have the same humanizing effect as video.

Showing your face on camera and talking to your audience transforms your business from a name and logo to a person or a team of individuals.

People want to do business with brands they feel they know and they can relate to. Creating video content can help build these types of special relationships with your audience.

Video Builds Brand Awareness

Video content also helps build brand awareness because it puts your organization in front of more viewers. Including your logo somewhere in your video content can help:

  • Establish your brand identity 
  • Build credibility with your audience

For brand building, the key to success is to ensure that your video content is high-quality and professional. High-quality content will help position your brand as an authority. 

Video can Help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Video can also help with SEO and improving your visibility in both traditional search engines (e.g. Google) and social networks themselves.

Adding relevant hashtags and incorporating keyword-rich headers and descriptions to your videos can help with SEO. 

Balance is Key

There are so many advantages of incorporating video content into your campaign, but it’s important to remember that video is just one of many marketing ideas you can leverage to attract leads and new clients.

Yes, videos are great, but they’re not the only form of content you need to create. Having a mix of content is important, including:

  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Image posts
  • Other types of content 

How to Get Started with Video

It’s natural to be nervous and feel a little unsure or overwhelmed by the idea of creating videos. But getting started with video is easier than you think. 

Here are a few pointers:

You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment

Many organizations assume that they need to invest in expensive equipment to get started with creating video content. You don’t need fancy cameras and video editing software to create great video content.

You have everything you need to get started right at your disposal already. 

It’s perfectly fine to start making videos with your phone and use your phone’s editing tools. In the future, you can upgrade your camera, microphone and lighting if you wish.

Start with a Topic Idea and Run With It

Videos don’t have to be lengthy or complicated. In fact, it’s better to keep them straight and to the point.

Find a topic that will bring value to your audience, and run with it. Create a 60-90 second clip, and post it. Consider common questions you’re asked, and answer them. These are things your audience wants to know, and they’ll be happy to watch your video content to learn more.

Focus on Lighting

You may not need fancy equipment to create great videos, but you do need good lighting. Does this mean that you have to invest in a fancy lighting setup? No!

Just make sure that you’re filing in a well-lit area. Stand near a window or even take your filming outdoors. Natural lighting is always best.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like with anything else in life, practice makes perfect – and that’s true for video creation as well. Do a first take and see what you think. Do as many takes as you need to get the results you want. 

If you’re not happy with the result, that’s okay. Just keep practicing until you create a video that you feel confident sharing.

Don’t overthink it too much. Thousands of people are out there posting video content every day.

Other Lesser-Known Benefits of Video

We’ve already covered many benefits of creating video content for social media, but there are some lesser-known benefits that many people overlook, such as:

Creating Videos Will Help You Become a Better Speaker and Communicator

Each time you create a new video, you improve your speaking and communication skills. It’s not always easy to speak to a large audience, but creating video content can help improve this skill. In the future, giving presentations and networking may not seem as nerve-wracking.

Improving your communication and speaker skills can also help improve your leadership skills and relationships with your staff and clients.

Creating Videos Will Make it Easier to Talk About Your Offerings to Clients, Prospects and Staff

The videos you create will naturally include information about your services and your organization as a whole. 

It’s not always easy to articulate the benefits of your services and what they include. Video content will help you find the right words, and in the future, make it easier to discuss your offerings with clients, staff, and prospects.

When You Create Videos, You Open the Door to New Opportunities

Video content can also open the door to new opportunities to expand your reach and engage with a larger audience through speaking events or panels. Being asked to participate in these events will give you a valuable opportunity to build authority and brand awareness on a larger scale.

The Bottom Line

There’s no magic bullet for marketing success, but there is a secret weapon you can use to improve your social media marketing. That secret weapon is video content. 

Video content can attract leads, build brand awareness and improve your speaking skills. Getting started isn’t as complicated as you might think. Find a topic and run with it. Experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. Eventually, you’ll find a format that your audience enjoys and that helps you get the results you want.

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