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Why your story matters? Have you ever read a book, listened to a podcast, or heard someone’s story, and felt like it spoke to you? Maybe you even got goosebumps when hearing it. Suddenly, you had hope and inspiration to take the next step, the step you have been wanting to take but something had held you back from taking it.

I believe everyone should share their story, because their story will inspire another person into action.

I don’t care if you are a business owner, an employee, a student, a parent, or whatever you identify with.

Your story can be the story that inspires someone to take the step they need to to take.

Did you ever think your story could be that one that helps someone start their business, grow their business, become healthier, make the career change, join a movement, change their mindset, or something else?

Whatever that something is, someone’s looking for it. Someone’s looking for a story that can inspire them and show them it’s possible.

But, if it’s so important that we share our story with the world, what stops so many of us from doing so?


  1. Fear of judgement. What if I share my story, and I’m made fun of?
  2. Fear of being held accountable. If I share a story of my transformation, I can’t slip back into the old me.
  3. Fear of hurting others’ feelings. If I share my accomplishments, I may hurt someone’s feelings and make them feel bad about their accomplishments.

There are just three fears we may experience around sharing our story, and I could create an endless list of other fears that come along with sharing your story.

But what if NOT sharing your story meant that:

Someone stayed on the sidelines when they needed to speak up?

Someone stayed in a job that they desperately needed the courage to leave so they could pursue something bigger, something that made a long lasting change in this world?

Someone didn’t have the courage to go after the dream they’ve written about in their journal for years?

What if your story was the difference between someone becoming great and staying mediocre? 

What if your story was the tipping point for someone feeling like they couldn’t get out of bed to feel fulfilled and fueled with passion every day?

Do you think you’d share your story then?

Just like someone’s story has been important in your journey, your story is important in someone else’s journey.

What story are you going to share with the world?

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Katie Thomas, CPA
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