How Accounting Firms Can Help Their Clients With Pricing

A lot of times you hear about standard operating procedures (“SOPs”) being vital so you can scale your firm, 

but their importance goes far beyond just scaling. 

Here are a few other reasons why you need SOPs at your firm.

Well-defined procedures serve as controls. As a CPA myself, I appreciate a good set of internal controls. 

They ensure consistency. The goal of SOPs is to ensure that tasks are always carried out the same way to improve efficiency and ensure consistency in work quality.

They help you remain compliant. SOPs are an effective way to ensure compliance with both industry regulations and company policies.

SOPs help mitigate tribal knowledge. Tribal knowledge is, essentially, information that is unknown to other employees and members of the company. How many of us have a person (or multiple people) at our company who, if they leave, no one else knows how to do what they do? SOPs help prevent this risk. 

Katie Thomas, CPA, our founder, recently teamed up with FloQast to create an article all about SOPs. She goes into depth not only on these SOP benefits and more but also discusses how you can start creating SOPs for yourself. 

(Hint: a great start is to consider what can be automated, as automation can be an easy means to achieving standardization.) 

Check out the full article here.

Or check out the link here:

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