A robust controls management program is essential for any organization to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, migrate risk, and foster organizational excellence.

However, organizations face many challenges when it comes to current-day control management solutions.

For example: 

❌  The compliance burden is only continuing to grow

❌  The compliance landscape is vast and constantly evolving 

❌  Current-day solutions are often manual and lack the agility needed to adapt to rapid changes

So, what’s the answer? 

How can organizations improve their current control programs while overcoming these major challenges?

Katie Thomas has teamed up with FloQast to create an article all about this. 

The article dives deep into the challenges organizations face today and practical solutions that should be on your radar to overcome them.

Check out the article here: https://floqast.com/blog/failing-internal-controls-the-high-costs-of-poor-compliance/

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