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Everyone’s talking about the accounting talent shortage.

And for organizations that aren’t implementing the proper strategies, it’s about to get worse before it gets better.

❌ Professionals are leaving the industry in droves.

❌ College enrollments in the field have declined by 17%.

❌ 75% of accountants are set to retire in 15 years.

So, what can organizations do to attract talent and retain talent?

1️⃣ One major key is understanding: what does a dream job look like for an accountant? What’s their Nirvana?

2️⃣ From there, one must seek to dig further – what obstacles are preventing them from achieving this state of professional bliss?

Katie Thomas, CPA recently teamed up with FloQast to create an article answering both of those key questions. She dives into precisely what your accountants want in order to reach their career Nirvana and how you can help them get there. Check out the article here:

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