social media trends in 2023

Having a social presence is crucial in today’s business landscape. Billions of people around the world use social media platforms every day – and that includes your clients. With a strong social presence, you can:

  • Attract more clients
  • Expand your reach through PR opportunities, like article features or podcasting
  • Attract new and talented staff

Following and adopting the latest social media trends in 2023 can help you maximize your potential on social platforms. Here are some of the top trends we’re seeing this year.

1. Short-Form Video Will Continue to Dominate

Short-form video content will continue to dominate social media in 2023. TikTok, a trailblazer of the short-form video trend, reached 1.53 billion users this year. Their user growth underscores the desire for quick, digestible content that’s informative or entertaining. 

Short-form video is a great way to increase views and your organization’s reach on social media, but you can’t lose sight of your mission, values and goals in the process. Your short-form content must still be relevant and valuable to your audience. Creating content for the sake of creating it won’t get you far.

To make short-form video a viable part of your social media strategy, consider:

  • The goal or purpose of the video. Are you trying to build brand awareness, engage with your audience on a deeper level, or achieve something else?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Where will you post your video?

Short-form video is versatile, which makes it a great trend to explore. But your content must still serve a purpose and drive the right people to your brand’s doorstep. 

2. Brands Will Lean More on Content Creators 

People on social media are more concerned about what content creators have to say about a product or service than what the company has to say.

In fact, 71% of consumers trust reviews from vloggers, bloggers and social media influencers who have received free brand experiences.

Content creators aren’t limited solely to influencers, either. User-generated content, like customer testimonials or video reviews, is 9.8 times more impactful on purchasing decisions than influencer-created content.

Content creators hold a lot of power on social media, and brands will lean more on them in 2023 and beyond. 

Firms and accounting tech vendors can take advantage of this trend by:

  • Highlighting user-generated content on their socials. For example, you can share posts or reviews from clients or customers.
  • Reach out to relevant micro-influencers with strong communities. These influencers tend to have stronger relationships with their followers, so their opinions are even more influential.
  • Ask happy clients and customers to share their experiences on social media.

The key is to find meaningful ways to share real-life experiences with actual customers or clients.

3. Long-Form Videos are Still Important

While short-form video is still king, businesses can’t ignore the value in creating long-form video content. YouTube is still the second most visited website on the planet, and users spend about 19 and a half minutes a day on the platform.

One advantage platforms like YouTube have over TikTok and similar outlets is that they attract all demographics. 

Long-form video also has other advantages that make it a worthwhile investment:

  • It’s ideal for evergreen content that will continue to get views and engagement well into the future. 
  • You can repurpose this type of video content by cutting it down into bite-sized clips that you can post on TikTok or Instagram Reels. 

The key to success with long-form video is to develop a solid strategy. That means:

  • Creating videos that provide value to your audience.
  • Incorporating keywords into catchy titles
  • Creating thumbnails that grab the viewer’s attention
  • Making your videos accessible with descriptions and subtitles

Not sure where to start with long-form video? Here are some ideas:

  • Interviews with existing clients 
  • Q&As that answer your clients’ most frequent questions
  • Collaborations with other industry experts 
  • Educational videos that simply complex topics 

Having a mix of long-form and short-form video content will help you maximize your reach and exposure on social media.

4. LinkedIn Users are Taking a Different Approach to Content

LinkedIn marketing is changing. We’re seeing more users creating personal, meaningful and link-free posts. There are likely many factors driving this trend, including LinkedIn’s $25 million investment in a Creator Fund that encourages creators to build communities and “spark conversations.”

LinkedIn is still a social platform that can’t be ignored, but organizations may want to shift their approach moving forward by:

  • Incorporating link-free posts into their content strategies
  • Creating some personal content
  • Giving video content a try 

We have seen LinkedIn be a major source of revenue here at Leaders Online for ourself and for our clients. 

5. Social SEO Can’t Be Ignored

The way people search for content is changing. Social media itself is becoming a search engine, and just like with website content, SEO can’t be ignored.

If you want customers and clients to find your social posts, you have to engage in:

  • Keyword research to find topics to cover and the best formats to use
  • Incorporating hashtags and keywords into your captions
  • Finding ways to boost user interactions
  • Adding alt text to your images for accessibility

6. AI Will Accelerate Content Creation 

We’re seeing the rise of AI-generated content in 2023, with tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Synthesia making it quicker and easier than ever to create content. 

While these tools may offer cost savings and scalability, there are ethical concerns and other issues to consider, like:

  • A high risk of errors
  • Biases
  • Lack of creativity and authenticity

That said, social media users can’t ignore the fact that AI-based tools can help them generate content at a quicker pace and lower cost. Organizations can also utilize these tools for ideation and brainstorming to guide their strategy rather than complete content creation.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the top social media trends in 2023. Video content will continue to reign supreme, but businesses can find value in creating short-form and long-form video content.

Value continues to be the underlying theme for succeeding on social. Businesses must provide content that’s relevant and valuable to followers, whether that’s user-generated content, client testimonials or meaningful, informative posts. 

Want to take advantage of these social media trends? We can help! Schedule an introductory call with us today.

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