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What’s a social media agency?

Let’s face it. With so many social media platforms and so little time, creating content yourself, engaging with your followers, responding with direct messages, and keeping up with all the doing can be difficult. A social media agency is someone who can help take the weight off your shoulders. They’ll help ensure you’re active on the social media platforms that matter most, without you having to spend time doing so.

What does a social media agency do?

Before a social media strategy can be created, the agency should take some time to solidify your brand. Your brand is more than your logo; it’s your values, views, beliefs, what change you want to make, etc. It’ll play a key role in your strategy and content. We take solidifying your brand very seriously.

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Create a Strategy

Once the brand is solidified, as an agency, we will help you create a social media strategy. Some questions we’ll answer in your strategy should include:

4 Steps to Make Social Media Work For You

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Create your content

Now, the fun part of working with any creative agency! It’s time for content creation. We’ll create your content and provide it to you for approval before anything going live. This is your moment to make sure everything represents you and your company exactly how you wish.

Step 2

Publish your content

Rise to the top of your preferred content as we position you as a thought leader through your expert content!

Step 3

Engage Your Audience

We don’t just post and ghost. Part of our social media strategy is engaging with those who engage on our content. We’ll also engage with your followers and other ideal clients. This is a crucial piece to having success on social media.

step 4

Monitor your results and adjust the strategy as needed

We’ll monitor all of your results on social media and adjust as needed.

Why do you need a social media agency?

Your prospects and customers are on social media.

You’re an expert who is in the business of serving people. What better way to display your knowledge and provide value than to attend the biggest networking event of your life? An agency will enable you to get in front of your ideal audience consistently.

Consistency is no longer recommended; it’s required.

Social media is a great place to display your expertise to your customers and prospects who are hanging out online, but it requires you to be consistent. An agency can help you remain consistent and reach the people you desire.

Allows you to focus on what you’re best at.

You went into business to serve. With a social media agency, you’re allowed to stay in your zone of genius. The agency will help you attract more leads and more opportunities to work in your zone of genius.

Frequently Asked Questions

We track your followers, connections, and engagement month over month. You’ll see an increase within the first month.
That will depend on which platform(s) we decide to use and what strategy we utilize. You will be gaining new connections and followers each month.
Absolutely! If we’re consistently posting and engaging with people on your behalf, you will see an increase in website traffic.
Any content and insight you can provide us are helpful. However, you are not required to give any.
We reply to your messages and respond to your comments. If a message or comment comes across that we do not know how to respond to, we will direct it to you.
All of our SEO contracts start at a 3-month commitment.
Please schedule an appointment, and during that appointment, we will determine how soon we can start.

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