Are you creating the right perception with your brand?

It’s been found that it takes about 0.05 seconds to capture your audiences’ attention and shape their opinion about your brand.

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Your brand is more than your name, business card, logo, and website.

Your brand is the collective perception of:

How People Think

How They Feel

How They Remember You

Think about an example of two people buying coffee.

One person pays $5 for a Starbucks cup of coffee, while another person pays $0.99.

Why can Starbucks charge more?

They have a loyal customer base that values their products and sees the Starbucks brand superior to other coffee options.

Branding matters, as it:

Increases firm recognition:

A professional and thoroughly curated brand will stand out in the market place and become well-known.

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Builds a loyal customer base:

A well-known brand is sure to have no problem when it comes to obtaining referral business. The right branding positions you as the go-to-expert when it comes to clients working with you. These clients become raving fans and are sure to recommend others your way.

Supports advertising efforts:

Advertising is a sure way to grow your business, but be sure your brand is in tip-top shape prior to doing so.

Creates trust in the marketplace:

Branding done correctly will help your firm build trust with clients, potential clients, strategic partners, and employees.

Distinguishes yourself from competitors:

Don’t become lost amongst the crowd; stand out with your brand!

Improves employee pride & satisfaction:

This one is important. When employees work for a firm that has a strong brand and reputation, it’s been found they have a sense of belonging to the company. This results in employees carrying a greater degree of pride in their work and feeling more satisfied with their job.

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Let’s set the foundation.

It can be easy to want to jump straight into marketing, but it’s essential that you, as a company, first have a strong brand identity and brand positioning within the marketing. With our branding services, we create the foundation for all follow-on marketing services, such as web design, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising, email and SMS marketing, etc.

Our Branding Services

What a strong brand means for you.

At Leaders Online, we understand that and work with all of our clients to create a customized plan to get you the results you want. When you’re ready to grow your business, partner with us.

Have confidence
and clarity

You’re a professional and excellent at what you do, but you aren’t proud of your online brand. You know it’s not where it should be. Let’s make it one you’re proud of.

Empower your brand and enlarge your presence

The digital space is becoming crowded. If you want to stand outline, your brand must be clear, defined, and carefully developed.

Create a long-lasting impact and legacy

You are meant to create an impact and leave a legacy. Let’s create a brand that touches many and will be remembered forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love it when you’re involved. That being said, we do all the heavy lifting. We’ll take you through a discovery process that helps us understand what kind of brand you desire. From, there our team will work their magic.
You are not alone! Sometimes our clients worry about not knowing exactly how to communicate what it is they like. We pride ourselves on making sure you gain clarity in this area during our discovery phase.
Everyone’s project is a little different. Depending on precisely what you want and how clear a picture you already have regarding your brand, 4 – 12 weeks is an estimated time frame.
Certain aspects of your brand may stay the same for a long time, such as your values, mission statement, and so forth. However, for other items like your logo, typography, etc, they will likely have to be updated more frequently as styles change. If your brand feels out of date, it probably is!

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