No one enjoys dealing with problems, especially during busy season.

However, they’re bound to pop up, and when they do, we recommend doing something before you even begin to think of a solution.

➡️ Get in the right headspace.

How many times have you been frustrated and said or did something you wish you didn’t? 10 minutes later, you’re disappointed in yourself and maybe even embarrassed.

That’s why it’s essential when problems arise, you first take some time to get in the right headspace.

For you, this might mean taking a walk outside or stepping away from your computer to grab a coffee.

Taking time to cool off and get in the right headspace, without spending too much time dwelling, will allow you to move forward through the next steps required to solve any problem at hand.

What exactly are the next steps to solving a problem?

Our owner, Katie Thomas, CPA, breaks down what to do in her article with FloQast here.

Alternatively, visit the link directly:

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