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How many times have you said you want to get active on social media, but gosh, you just don’t know what to post? You spend some much time trying to com up with ideas only to realize an hour has gone by and now you’ve got to get back to client work?

If that’s you, you’re not alone!

But if you looking to learn how to make coming up with social media content a breeze, then keep on reading. This blog is short and sweet because it’s really simple.

Define Your Purpose on Social Media

The first thing I want to say is your social media posts do not need to be the most epically helpful or inspiring content you can think of.

They just need to fulfill a purpose.

That purpose might be to:

  • Educate your audience
  • Let your audience get to know you
  • Build trust with your audience (for example, a review or testimonial) 
  • Help your audience take the next step in working with you
  • Entertain your audience (they are some pretty entertaining people on social media these days)
  • Etc.

What purpose you want a post to fulfill is up to you. A good question to ask yourself is – why would someone want to follow me? What value could I provide them? 

Further, social media posts don’t need to be lengthy.

Prompts to Quickly Generate Ideas for Social Media

Here’s a super quick process to help you generate a ton of ideas.

Step 1: Brainstorm 3 different topics that your audience is interested in and that you can help them with.

For example, for me, it could be: getting started on social media, creating social media content, and building an audience online.

Step 2: Use the below prompts and fill in the blanks with your topics

From ______________to _____________

The one thing that will make a difference with ___________________

You don’t have to __________ anymore

How you can stop ______________ and start_______________

X _____________________ Hacks

X Things to think about before you buy _______________________________

Behind the Scenes of____________________


That one time I__________________

The story behind ________________

The first time I___________________

What I learnt from ______________________

How I___________________________

X Things you didn’t know about___________

X ______________ everyone should be using for _____________

X Predictions about____________________________

How to choose the best____________for you

X _________________ secrets every ________ should know___________

Schedule Out Dedicated Social Media Time

Step 3: Block out time on your calendar each week to plan out your content for the next week.

No more going to get active on social media, should get active on social media, want to get active on social media. You really have to commit to posting on social media and make time for it. Read this post to learn about some time savers you can utilize to get back time in your day to dedicate to social media.

Step 4: Use the time you scheduled in step 3 to create content from the ideas in Step 2.

And *viola* your content is created. 

Step 5: Post your content. This one goes with out saying, but once you create your content, don’t forget to post it!

Capture Moments of Social Media Inspiration

You may get hits of inspiration for content at inconvenient times, like when on a walk or while at the grocery store. I like to keep a note on my phone of ideas. This way, I never forget those ideas that come from those moments of inspiration. 

What to do next?

Once you’ve gone through this process to quickly come up with social media content, I’d love to hear what ideas you come up with. If you need help getting started on social media, be sure to check out this blog here. If you’d like one-on-one help with your social media, grab a time on my calendar here.

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