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I recently received the following question from a fellow colleague:

My followers have increased SO MUCH – since being a part of your video challenge! I am SO grateful! The downside to this, I am being approached by a lot of “salesy” types. One was so blatant, he hopped on my website calendly link when I didn’t respond immediately to his message.

Q. Is there a polite and/or not so polite way to deflect this? Maybe a post dedicated to LinkedIn etiquette.

First off, I love hearing that this person grew their following as a result of video. (If you haven’t started producing video content, now is the time).

Secondly, to address their question, increased visibility comes with a new set of challenges… often including more people wanting to sell to you.

I would approach this in one of two ways, both of which will enable you to manage these sales inquiries while still maintaining a positive and professional online presence:

Option 1: Having a public calendar link.

In this option, just leave your calendar link public and politely decline calls you deem as not a good fit. Just because someone schedules on your calendar doesn’t mean you need to take their call.

This method has its advantages, such as making it easier for potential clients to schedule a call with you.

Option 2: Implement an intake form to qualify people before sharing your calendar link.

Another option is to introduce an intake form that helps you qualify individuals before sharing your calendar link with them. This approach allows you to assess their needs, interests, and compatibility before investing your time in a call. It acts as a pre-screening process, ensuring that you engage with those who seem to be a good fit.

The pro here is you have a barrier, but the con is some people who could be a good fit may not be willing to take the extra time to fill out an intake form.

(Some would say that if they aren’t willing to fill out an intake upfront then they definitely aren’t a good fit. However, you have to make that decision yourself.)

Bottom line, both options have their pros and cons, and you can choose the one that aligns best with your preferences and goals.

One last point here is the person submitting the question asked about making a LinkedIn post about etiquette.

If you’re passionate about this topic, go for it.

However, you’re likely not going to change someone’s mind who goes to book on your calendar.

In fact, it’s common that only a small percentage of your followers even see your post, and that’s assuming the person who books on your calendar is following you in the first place.

And, that’s a wrap on this Dear Katie question.

Now I want to hear from you. Do you have a question?

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