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Katie Thomas, CPA was featured in Leadership Learnings from Women in Accounting. As pulled from the article:

Katie Thomas, accountant and owner at Leaders Online, concurs with Candice on embracing the bad with the good. Her most valuable lesson? “Lean into discomfort,” she says. “We all have projects, engagements, situations, or opportunities that we want to avoid because we don’t feel qualified enough or we’re simply afraid. This is when we need to jump in headfirst and lean into the discomfort. When you do so, you’ll find growth and confidence on the other side.”

For Katie, it’s also important to remember that leadership is not a title. “You’re a leader because of the impact and influence you have on others, not because of a title,” she says. “Everyone can be a leader, regardless of their position.”

Katie’s top tip for emerging leaders: “Start by observing the leaders around you. What do they do well? What do they not do well? What skills can you learn from them that you want to improve on or emulate? Some other great ways to grow your leadership are going to conferences, reading books, and listening to podcasts. “


To read to full article, you can do so here: https://womeninaccounting.ignitionapp.com/stories/leadership-learnings-from-women-in-accounting

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