How to Use Social Media to Attract Top Talent 3 Examples

This week’s topic is derived from an observation I’ve had.

Most people associate social media with lead generation – rightfully so, because it can absolutely generate leads. 

But there’s one hugely underrated use of social media that I want to talk about: attracting talent.

An estimated 57% of people seeking job opportunities use social media – and you can attract top talent on your socials. I see a lot of accountants and firms use their posts to generate leads, and trust me, you can get new clients online.

But attracting talent is one of the underrated uses of LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms.

Staffing is the biggest problem in the accounting industry right now, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re a firm doing things differently AND showcasing that. 

Branding and hanging out where exceptional talent spends their time is 100% worth the effort.

Let’s see some examples, starting with my own.

How I Used Social Media to Attract New Talent

If you’ve been following my socials, you know not too long ago I was on the hunt for a part-time social media coordinator.

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And because I’ve been active on LinkedIn and posting regularly, I had a ton of submissions. 

Great talent wants to be part of my team, and while a mountain of applications is usually tedious to work through, it was easy to choose our new social media coordinator.

I chose someone who:

  • Engaged with me often
  • I’ve talked to in the past one social media

Through the friendship we’ve built up over social media, I felt like I knew and trusted the person. I found an excellent person to join my team, and they landed a part-time gig with full-time potential.

Building a brand online and having an audience are assets. For me, those assets directly correlated to the submissions I received. Applicants know who I am – I’m not just a random business – and they know my values, services, and clients my company works with.

My clients have had great success with this very tactic, too.

How My Client Used Social Media to Hire New Leaders

We work with a top 300 firm that came to us because they wanted to attract:

  • Managers
  • Senior managers
  • Partners

The partner who wanted to work with us was somewhat well-known online, but they’ve never been consistent with posting. 

You know how it goes. Posts may flow out of your account for a week or two straight, and then something else takes priority, and posting is put on the back burner.

We were tapped to grow this firm’s network through thought leadership content and engaging with their network.

What happened? All of the pieces fell in place and within a few months:

  • A new partner joined the firm
  • A new manager joined the team
  • They had multiple interviews with potential managers and senior managers

Building a brand online has helped this client attract a lot of potential full-time team members and reach their lofty goals.

We’ve had quite a few success stories with clients using socials to snag top talent, and in my experience, the ROI on social is worth every penny.

But don’t take my word for it. My peers have a lot to say about social media, too.

How My Peers Are Using Social to Find New Staff

Kelly Rohrs, CPA – a friend and peer – agrees that social media can be a great source to find talent. In fact, Facebook is where she found her new virtual assistant. 

Kelly had been looking for a new VA prior to tax season. Someone in a Facebook group posted about their VA and how they had additional hours. They also happened to use the same technology stack that Kelly uses. It was a perfect match. So, Kelly got in touch with the VA, and the rest is history.

But one other important thing to note here is that Kelly has an incredible social media presence (look her up!). From the moment you land on her account, it’s clear that she runs a modern firm that’s great to work for.

Remember that great people want to work for great firms. It’s your job to showcase this in your social presence.

Roman Villard, CPA, is another great example of a peer who’s using social media to attract talent. 

Check out his post below. 

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It’s easy to see why this post got so much traction and actually had commenters recruiting FOR Roman.

  • Look at those perks!
  • The photo tells you this is a firm that likes to have fun outside of the office, too

Not surprisingly, people were sharing the post, commenting and tagging others, saying, “Aren’t you looking for a job? Check this out!”

But why?

Roman has built an incredible brand – online and offline. People know how amazing his company is and how amazing he is, so they’re happy to refer others to work there.

Here’s the bottom line:

Traditional recruiting is expensive and challenging. It’s especially difficult right now when a talent shortage is plaguing the industry.

Fortunately, traditional recruiting isn’t the only option. Social media can be a fantastic source for finding and recruiting talent – if you know how to leverage it. Building a strong online presence is the key.

And, that’s a wrap on this Dear Katie topic.


Now I want to hear from you. Do you have a question? 

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Until next time, cheers to your success!


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