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A huge time suck is often onboarding new clients, getting them set up on software, and ensuring everything is working correctly. While that process is crucial to the success of the client engagement, freeing up the time used during these activities will give you extra time to put into growing your business.

Even just an extra hour per week dedicated to marketing efforts like writing newsletters and creating social media posts can go a long way.

With that, let’s jump into some simple ways to save time: 

Save Time Utilizing Online Software

Simplify Proposals, Engagement Letters, and Payments with Practice Ignition – Send proposals, contracts and payments all in one document. You’ll love it and your clients will too. If you sign up using this link here, you will get 50% off for the first 3 months on the Professional plan.

Gusto is a leading people management and advisory platform. Gusto also provided us with an exclusive, special offer (click here). Payroll, benefits, and people operations all in one place (Total value: $1,000+). 

  • Free payroll + HR tools subscription for your own accounting firm
  • Free People Advisory Certification to help you advise your clients on building great workplaces

Other software I reccomend using is a scheduling tool like Calendly to make it easy for people to schedule with you (no more back and forth) and also a task management software tool so that everyone can stay on the same page at all times. There are a lot of task management softwares on the market today; a whole blog could be dedicated to that. Karbon, TaxDome, ClickUp, and Asana are just a few.

Outsource to Save Time

Utilize Redmond for Seamless Onboarding and Technology Setup – Redmond is a team of accounting technology experts who will partner with you as an extension of your firm to help you and your clients set up and implement Quickbooks Online, Bill.com, Expensify, Gusto, and LivePlan. Interested in having your own cloud accounting onboarding division, never having to deal with technology set-ups, implementations, integrations, or support again? You can learn more about Redmond here.

Hire a Virtual Assistant – With many of us continuing to work remotely these days, it is wise to consider hiring a virtual assistant. From helping you organize emails, documents, manage your schedule, and so forth, having a virtual assistant can take a lot of those little tasks off your hands or staff’s hands. While these tasks are easy to do, they take up a lot of time. I don’t know what I would do without a virtual assistant! If you haven’t used one before, even hiring one for a few hours per week can be extremely useful!

Maybe you want to outsource some or all of your marketing? That’s also an option. Check out our services here to learn more.

Automate to Save Time

Whether we’re talking about your service delivery, your SMS messages, your email marketing, your social mediaSocial Media, etc., you want to automate to save time. That’s a huge benefit of working with a professional. They can help you get an automated system set up.

We work with clients to help them automate collecting emails and phone numbers on autopilot. We also help them set up nurturing on autopilot. This way, they always stay top of mind!

Plan Ahead to Save Time

I know this one seem so obvious, but it’s true. How often to you put time on your calendar for marketing and ensure that you devote the time to it? We all have some extra time in the day to spare (just think about how much time you spend scrolling on social media). If you plan and commit to the time you scheduled for your marketing, you’ll surprised at what you can accomplish.

For example, I planned to write this blog post on my calendar. Get out of your own and ensure you’re planning. Furthermore, don’t get bogged down on engagement letters, onboarding, payroll, or filling your day up with tedious tasks. Leverage the experts, resources, and technology available to you!

Now that you have freed up more time for marketing, be sure to check out this blog to start creating a marketing plan.

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