How to Get More Google Reviews to Boost Your Online Visibility

On this week’s Dear Katie, we’re looking at a crucial topic for online visibility. It’s a way that you can show up higher on Google and get more clients in the process. 

If you’re reading this, you’re already doing an amazing job at serving your clients. And you can leverage this to easily improve your visibility on Google and attract more clients.


Through reviews. 

Reviews are SO important for your business. In fact, 49% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Google itself has stated that having more reviews and positive ratings can help improve your local rankings.

You spend a lot of time serving your clients,, so now is the time to leverage these relationships further by racking up reviews on Google.

But how do you go about getting more reviews? It’s not as easy as just requesting them – that’s just the first step. Let’s look at the process I use step by step.

1. Set Up Your Review Request Process

First, sit down and think about your existing clients and which ones are the happiest. Make a list of these clients, and hold onto that list until the next step. 

As part of this first step, I recommend incorporating review requests into your standard operating procedures. A great time to ask for a review is when you have a big win. 

For example:

  • After you clean up a client’s books
  • After you help a client with their tax planning needs

Once you complete the work, request a review. Make this task one of the last steps in your process.

When requests become a part of your standard processes, you never miss an opportunity to ask for one. Remember – the more reviews you have, the better. Of course, you want to ensure that these reviews are positive whenever possible, but Google tends to favor businesses with more ratings.

2. Send Out Review Requests

Are you ready for the exciting part? Sending out review requests. I know a lot of people are nervous to take the leap and ask for a review, but your clients won’t mind. They too run a business and understand the value of having reviews.

With your list of clients in hand, you’ll need to consider:

  • Where do you want to request the reviews?
  • What message will you send with the review request?

Reviews are always good to have, and you can ask the client to leave reviews on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other channel that supports review requests.

You want to be intentional about where you direct people to leave reviews.

But, honestly, there is never a BAD spot to leave a review.

Figure out which site is most important to your business and direct clients to leave a review on it.  If you want to rank higher on Google, then you should have reviews left there. If you want to strengthen your LinkedIn profile, have reviews left there. 

When it comes to creating a review request, you want to be specific. The more specific your request, the easier it will be for someone to leave a review.

I’m going to share an example of a Google My Business review request below. Feel free to adapt this to your firm’s needs.

Hi First Name,

I have really enjoyed working with you over the past [x amount of time]. Would you be willing to leave me/us a review on Google [link to your Google My Business Review Section]? If so, here are some questions that would be helpful to answer.

Firm Name helped me/us with…

The result was….

I found the experience…

I would recommend Firm Name to people who need/want…

Again, here’s that link to leave your review on Google [link to your Google My Business Review Section]. Thanks in advance for your time!

[insert sign off/signature]

3. Share Your Reviews

You’ve done so much of the hard work already, and it’s not time to stop just yet. I’ve seen far too many firms get reviews, and then they never share them. It’s like doing your taxes and never actually filing them.

(Okay, maybe not quite as bad, but you can catch my drift. 🙂)

Reviews are extremely valuable because they help you:

  1. Show up higher on Google
  2. Strengthen your social profile
  3. Demonstrate your expertise

Social proof shows off the results that you’re able to achieve and how you can help others achieve similar results. If you have the results others want to achieve, you’ll have no issues attracting more clients.

Each time you get a good review, you want to share them using one or all of the strategies below:

  • Add the review(s) to your website
  • Add them to your landing pages
  • Repurpose them with social media posts
  • Place them in your email signature (just a handful at most)

And when you send a service recap to clients after a discovery call, you should add in reviews to showcase your expertise to prospective clients.

If you get more reviews, you’ll rank higher on Google and demonstrate the social proof that potential clients need to feel confident using your services.

And, that’s a wrap on this Dear Katie topic.


Now I want to hear from you. Do you have a question? 

Submit it here

Until next time, cheers to your success!


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