How to Create the Perfect Social Media Company Profile

On this week’s Dear Katie, I focus on creating the perfect social media company profile. I often get asked to review people’s social media profiles, so not too long ago, I pulled my audience and asked if anyone would be willing for me to publicly review their social media profiles. 

Roman Villard, CPA was my first tribute, and I gave him some insightful ideas to get his profile in order. If you missed that episode, you can check it out here and apply some of these recommendations to your own profile.

But we’re shifting gears from personal to company profiles, starting with an awesome volunteer Novii CPA.

I’m going to start from the top of Novii CPA’s profile and provide actionable steps for each section. Starting with the logo and cover image.

Logo and Cover Image

UoakuQHdR0MYE6thuqlPVciBaev5mSCeXnMPbd3s5L2rS2VLfRx EP5HmiH7WqZG MqRTzz4CR5W3LxVdgKAvQz6a 5ZbK2hVEGdm6KN8dwcJB7USxNWH7PTtVf0UEv nanaKoBvansDOiH1Y7Ec4aU

Novii had a branded logo and cover image, so they get a check from me. 

Actionable Steps

  • None for Novii
  • If you don’t have your logo and cover image, be sure to add this to your company profile because it looks much more professional.



Novii indicates that they do more than just help clients with their financials, so it’s quite enticing to know what they do, right? 

But, then, what exactly does “leading innovators beyond financials” mean?

What services does this lead to:

  • Growth consulting?
  • Hiring help?
  • Something else?

I would also recommend that they clarify who innovators include and niche down because I firmly believe that being clear is better than being clever in marketing.

Let’s see what actionable steps you’ll need to take if you’re not sure what to do with your tagline:

Actionable Steps

  • Write your tagline based on: Helping[who you help] with [what you help them achieve] by [how you help them do this] OR
  • Write your tagline based on: Helping [who you help] [what you help them with] so they can [the outcome of your service]

These steps help your profile visitors fully understand who you help and how you help them.

About Section

MmBH8CCXoiRewgehxpVH1IGcR1wZaOl7SxfEIlhYWUBlWfkDUxz5Qk9F3omtv 5OuZ4Qxxi4AkgFWZhooOHWEevODOHARwRz qQaKqql zPIB CWjWoseGUIEYA3biIkCWqgMDHbuptsnbdXHIeTBSE

What an information-filled, thorough About section! Novii CPA provides a ton of great information, clarifying that they help clients with bespoke tax and financial services that help them grow their businesses.

Investing in relationships is a top priority for Novii CPA, so this is another key point to pull out of the profile.

Overall, this is a great about. But I think that it could be a bit stronger:

  1. Clarify who you serve. Do you serve innovators (found in the tagline), startups, established enterprises or small businesses? Without this clarity, it’s challenging to connect with people and feel like Novii CPA is talking directly to them. I recommend niching down because it’s easier to boil a pot of water than a lake.
  2. Writing about your own services can be challenging. I always recommend focusing on the outcome of your services – after all, that’s what clients actually care about. Novii states that they help clients “navigate the complex world of tax and accounting,” but maybe they can update this to be more focused on the outcome. For example: Our team helps you navigate the intricate world of taxes and accounting, enabling you to stay compliant, minimize tax liabilities, make strategic investments, and foster the growth of your business. Novii does this later when discussing technology (GREAT job!).
  3. I always recommend adding one or two testimonials from clients to strengthen the About section. Testimonials will show that Novii CPA helps businesses get their desired results.
  4. Add a call to action to tell people what to do next. Should they book a call? Go to your website? Call your office?

Actionable Steps

A few actionable steps to consider when writing an About section are:

  • Explain who your company helps.
  • Explain how your company helps.
  • Clarify the outcome that you help others achieve.
  • Add testimonials to strengthen the profile.
  • Focus on clarity throughout your profile. 
  • Add a CTA on what the reader should do next – i.e., fill out a contact form, go to your website, etc.


Great content is essential for any social media profile, and LinkedIn is no exception. Here’s another area of Novii’s profile where I’m impressed. They’re doing some really cool things with their content. 

Here’s what I like:

They have a great mix of content, and they post consistently. They post a variety of graphics and videos, but they also share a combination of awesome content, including educational info, appreciation posts and more. They also share posts of them “out and about” – appearing on podcasts, attending events, having fun at the office, etc.

If you haven’t done so already, I recommend checking out their page because they’re a great example of what a company feed should look like. I love how fresh and engaging their posts are! A+ from me.

They feature others in their content

Here’s how:

1. Novii regularly posts Client Spotlights that feature clients on their page. I love this idea because it does two things:

  • It engages clients on social media
  • It serves as social proof for Novii

Everyone wins! Here’s a great example of a Client Spotlight.

QCSV12wmSabl rz9Uzw1awDFHXh65Ro9NPFEt LoeVHk ygUKh r8lQBTzCjTsHuepP06WoEl0k bxLjmm4 199irBhnDc9r zAX

2. During National Women’s Small Business Month, Novii featured several women business owners.

pyM9p7o5jOvdp28S eJ9AXgmoD3csvm729sEVpS

3. Novii also features its team members on social media.

WGGZbv3XbCbCqXL0RKW0y3uVIpFpjXsLi2MFA9mlCfsQrbsPLBPduO4VXYctUP5LYy 7d5tL8WLAAVVq5T HwWE 7XmomchJA Dce8hPrbK1lMKivmSoe lJ7woZYOdf4oXKCc ogBYsgTikKEwUJDM

I always say that if you want to get noticed online, you should make others feel noticed first. Novii does an excellent job at this.

That said, I do have a few minor recommendations to make their content even better.

Actionable Steps

1. Pin posts. I recommend taking advantage of the “Pin to top” feature for specific posts (like job openings) or opt-ins. Pinning the post will keep it at the top of the page, so it’s the first thing visitors see. 

Here’s how to pin a post:

VgpblpNEWe 2 WJ31Y bLlA FL38uRjjwXjle yturaVrRsYC1HOsN ioF5ltkIsMhW02V1RbMlZtsbEtA1qlT

2. Review Hashtags. Novii is doing a good job of adding hashtags to their posts, but many of them seem to be about their services. I recommend thinking about which hashtags your ideal client will be following, and incorporating those into the mix. Not sure of the best way to find hashtags? I did this video a while back but it’s still relevant today. 

3. Create a Mix of Content. It’s easy to fall into the rut of only creating one type of content. I recommend creating a mix of graphics, videos and static posts. Use Novii as inspiration here. Make sure your topics are mixed, too. Share educational content, but also show your company out and about at events and highlight your team members. 

4. Make Others Feel Seen in Your Content. Make other people feel seen in your content. Novii is already doing this, but if you’re not, make it a point to start. Feature employees, clients and other businesses. They’ll appreciate the recognition, and they’ll be likely to share your content with their network.

Job Openings

tb5XBgcrqdMRkgS XpTTBpVu MdxG7yy2pnVd07fLpoHBw3fzsAuynm9TJR2 k0I7u65OQ4ZYLBbRtJtpeobnHc6M96grze6zy840tGEQvGHmssQbEOoSh 9Hsz2bIKEelpjRJbGjKGvE0C3kAg6wCk

A+ on the job openings section for Novii. They’ve shared that they’re hiring a senior accountant, which will surely attract applicants. They even made a post about the opening – a smart move. 

I know from experience that sharing job postings drums up interest. I recently posted about a job opening here at Leaders Online and received nearly 50 applications in just 24 hours.

Actionable Steps

  • None for Novii

I highly recommend that you list and update any job openings at your business. Each time you add or update an opening, create a post about it to get the word out.


w3KvUerY 1th6uiE1fZArycP5JLzwBw9FvHtvsc770Xeaz H8wDJzTGajMA 5JCQnJHXO2wGKB cdnUGA2MTIvM8Vl PNNgbSOab 6B2tR7076mR6Yob6JnDkIJf7RtUl CBUBEwgwb0ctH9DJ7JPFQ

One great thing about LinkedIn is that you can create a newsletter to keep your followers engaged and expand your reach. I love that Novii has taken advantage of this feature, but there are a few things that I’d recommend doing to make their newsletter even more effective.

Actionable Steps

  • Publish more frequently. Once a month is a great start, but publishing weekly or even bi-weekly will keep your followers more engaged. 
  • Update the newsletter’s tagline. Right now, it’s not very clear what the newsletter offers in terms of value. It mentions insights, but what kind of insights? Will the content be focused on finances, accounting, hiring, operations, or something else entirely? Make sure your tagline communicates your offering in a clear, concise way, so visitors can decide if your newsletter is something they’re interested in. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was really impressed with Novii’s profile. I think with a few minor tweaks, they can make their profile even better. 

I want to thank Novii once again for volunteering as tribute and allowing me to review their profile.

And, that’s a wrap on this Dear Katie question.


Now I want to hear from you. Do you have a question? 

Submit it here

Until next time, cheers to your success!


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