This week, Dear Katie had two amazing questions come in, and I couldn’t pick just one to answer. So, the two questions that we’ll be covering include:

  1. I regularly see people post swipe photo posts on LinkedIn. How do people do that? And are there other popular styles of social media content I can create in addition to the photo posts?
  2. What popular posts can you create on social media that will grab followers’ attention?

Question 1: How Do People Post Swipe Photo Posts on LinkedIn?

“Swipe” or “carousel posts” work so well for my audience and for many of our clients’ audiences. Everyone really seems to love them, and when you have a system in place, you can create them quickly. I’ll show you how I do it so that you can copy my flow or adapt it to your needs:

First, I’ll pick a commonly asked question, like this one, or even a listicle, like this one.


I can break questions or listicles into multiple slides, which you’ll need for LinkedIn’s carousel. Once I decide on the content, I’ll send the information over to my team, who will create graphics relating to the text using Canva.

You can use any image editor or program that you like for this purpose.

And now, all you need to do is:

  1. Go on your LinkedIn
  2. Click “Add a document”

Add in the document and voilà! 

Simple, right?

Now, to answer the second question.

Question 2: What Popular Posts Can You Create to Grab Your Follower’s Attention?

1. Short-Form Videos Edited in Alex Harmozi Style


Source: Alex Hormozi TikTok

Short-form videos like these are great for grabbing the viewer’s attention and giving them value immediately. The captions keep viewers engaged, even if they don’t have the sound on. Remember that 92% of people watch videos without sound, so captions allow you to reach more people on social media.

Make your captions interesting by adding emojis, image onlays, and different colored text for important words. 

2. Short-Form Podcast Audio Clips

If you host a podcast, you can share audio-only clips to give followers a preview of your content without recording a video.

Here’s an example of one from my own Instagram, where I shared an audio clip of a podcast I was on to give my followers teasers of interview soundbites and more.


Source: katiethomascpa

Megan Lewczyk CPA, the host of Next Level Accountant, posts similar content on her LinkedIn. She uses graphics, animation and captions to keep people engaged while listening to the clip.

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Source: Next Level Accountant

3. Short-Form Podcast Clips with Video

Audio-only podcast clips are great, but creating clips with video will further promote your podcast and help you build credibility.

I regularly post video podcast clips on LinkedIn and other social channels, and it’s a great way to boost engagement because, after all, video is king

pfZK8rq ulwrosFyi6wwzEdkIh0NcrXu6cqQjlzeUbfY2ednCrGRl4cu3P798RFpeQWJdeDi8KbVD ehzn e 1n3JgitaCmUCIBrdN9 mbWaySD4OfXE3A5QPKAoMULz5wecshwGqif rKoOOiU9 eA

Source: Katie Thomas, CPA LinkedIn

suKPq3aLFt2UvAa0odSQTwkwdYklEQQ8X1EO Vc8QW bLbqZdmrZEQUDIsU Xo6f8GgX d9xPtTPAYC7FEs8UcWmjMxiMVs HCENVbzgvKX3F4JBfvK1nfSP3Iw5uE3R32 UJ oQwyDNnEJcwq5Y1o0

Source: Terrell A Turner, CPA LinkedIn

4. Turn Tweets from X Into Images and Longer Posts

If you post a Tweet that does really well, then you know that it’s a message that resonates with your audience. Assuming your audience is similar on X and LinkedIn, there’s a good chance that your audience on LinkedIn will also love that content.

Why not repurpose that Tweet and transform it into an image and a longer post for LinkedIn? Expand on the idea, and share an image of the original Tweet to make your post more engaging.

Here’s a great example of how Justin Welsh uses this strategy on his LinkedIn.

zcaGo7d5bZfdrpQtLf XSwUjIeSW 7ovh0Jz2EhpFsjPx7w4Iyw3CZ5KeNDssAxLmDRpxMr3Iu7ERDzw rSiI0s3E F 37ZgGM0t1ge6N4SX1kv7O E8rfN3MDmiRVIcgENUGHGH uNOaq7 BLWHV4

Source: Justin Welsh LinkedIn

5. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to build credibility and trust with your audience. But don’t just share a screenshot of the testimonial – expand on it. Use it as an opportunity to share your achievements and gratitude.

Justin Welsh takes a similar approach when sharing customer testimonials, and these posts get a ton of engagement.

9RePfpnkbvtnRxDyB2j87XefFxnDoNMv 9iI05KLJFwVptxl MFyZ9n6FFazPlOjkMRXPEcQlmkLrBQPmGNbu6A94kk1 met8X1RhIu qglwVL9mMvesMdh1pAImEaA5KQB

Source: Justin Welsh LinkedIn

6. Create Greenscreen Videos

Greenscreen video is amazing because you can tackle topics from multiple angles.

ROB1frr nSRxEVhLhBVvQNQydxcTcfKVzG3v6lsCi6vYPElmDQzW2cqWVw2Se aktrHDueQNDvncEtFvUEnv1dcMLqSCwMUeRMHQvDSnFO0USgBSroRUFROM uv IeY b7 qF7Eok yDlg11zOClUsU

Source: Garyvee TikTok

When you use greenscreen, you can expand on topics in greater detail and don’t need to worry about the space that you’re recording in. We have no idea where Gary is in this video – he could be in a crowded office or on the beach.

However, he can expand on topics using greenscreen. And not a lot of creators are using this method on social media. If you want to get started with greenscreens, TikTok is definitely a great starting point.

7. Cut Long-form Videos Into Shorter Ones

Long-form videos are a goldmine for content. You already put the hard work into creating the content, and you can reuse it many times and do less work.

GaryVee does this so well.

fR2f5PSWvAOr1dAzqyM7j8EpFic6PtD7xCi4FqTy2x8hVkZ59SJvx k2tcF8nCgWZkEYbNoHHs m0DHYUpgmImxg5zVkenpN9qZSaj2sjHOLT

Source: Garyvee

Garyvee’s video is just part of one of his long-form videos, but he has edited it to create a YouTube Short that has 1.4K likes and 22 comments. And it took much less effort to create this Short than it would one that is 100% original.

Where to go from here?

Each form of content has its pros and cons, so don’t be afraid to experiment. 

You may find new forms of content that are more fun and exciting to create.

Everyone’s audience is a bit different. For example, listicles may work really well for my audience and not for your audience.

Spend time experimenting and keep creating as much content as possible – like Garyvee suggests in the Short above.


And, that’s a wrap on this Dear Katie question.

Now I want to hear from you. Do you have a question? 

Submit it here

Until next time, cheers to your success!


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