Getting Started on Social Media

I’ve been spending some time on Clubhouse lately talking about social media content, and there are a handful of questions that keep coming up. It’s important that we take time to break down the answers, because let’s face it, starting out on social media can be overwhelming – but it doens’t have to be.

So, let’s jump into the questions. 

What’s the best social media platform?

It doesn’t matter what platform you’re on; just pick one and stick with it. Ask yourself these two questions:

Question 1: Where are my customers at?

Question 2: What platform plays to my content creation strength? For example: Ask yourself, do I enjoy posting photos? If not, Instagram may not be for you.

Right now, if I had to pick two that are the easiest to “get seen” on; it’d be LinkedIn and Clubhouse. BUT don’t pick a platform because some email told you it was “easy to get seen on”… pick your platform based upon where you will consistently post and engage with people on.

I struggle to come up with content ideas. Can you help?

99% of people overthink coming up with content ideas. I promise it doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it. Let me give you some ideas:

  • Create your customer avatar and then develop content that speaks to them.
  • A super easy way to create content is to consider what questions you’re commonly asked and answer those.
  • Do market research and find out what people are curious about. is a great place to start and can give you endless content ideas. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel with your content – just get started.
  • Because I love you, here are some prompts you can take and use right away.
    • The top 3 things I wish I knew about _
    • Unpopular opinion alert: Why _ is total BS.
    • When do you need _ service?
    • The number one mistake all _ are making which is causing _
    • Your top 3 favorite _ < apps/processes/etc. Then share what transformation they’ve made for you and/or your clients.

So, for creating videos, what do you think about captions? Are they important, and how do I get them?

They are so important. So, yes, videos should include captions! I know they can be a pain, but it’s a must. People are often consuming content when they are in their day job or sitting on the couch next to people. Having to turn on the sound may not be realistic. Additionally, some people are hearing impaired, so captions are equally as important to them.

Luckily captions don’t have to be difficult if you use a software like is the best I’ve found hands down for creating captions. This software makes captioning your videos a breeze.

How about graphics for social media?

Don’t get stuck on the graphics! You can use a software like to help create graphics. However, what you say and how you say(or write) it is much more important. I’d rather see you spend your time creating videos than graphics. Videos build trust with your audience in a way that a graphic cannot.

This sounds great, but I need a little more help with my social media.

Information is great, but sometimes you want a little more one-on-one help. If that’s you schedule a call here.

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