Content marketing for accountants is intense. A staggering 90% of marketers are already adding content to their marketing plan. And there are many different options for content:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

In fact, 60% of marketers create content each day, but one of the most important pieces to add to your accountant content marketing strategy is evergreen content.

What is Evergreen Content?

When we say “evergreen content,” what we mean is that the content will remain relevant forever – or close to it. For example, let’s assume that a new tax law was proposed, and you created a lot of content around this potential law.

Initially, you gained a lot of traffic, and it was a great investment for your firm.

However, a year later, the proposal was completely dead, and the traffic had disappeared completely. This is the perfect example of content that doesn’t fall within the evergreen content concept.

When you create evergreen content, it will be on topics that never go stale or even change that much, such as:

  • How to read financial statements
  • Steps to take if you’re audited
  • Creating a basic cash flow report

You’ll find that a lot of accountant content marketing that focuses on evergreen content is centered around blogs, and you can create posts that include:

  • Basic accounting information
  • How-to articles
  • Listicles
  • History of accounting

Additionally, you can create content that is evergreen that actively promotes your business. For example, case studies are a form of in-depth content that can show potential clients the value your firm delivers.

Let’s assume that your accounting firm specializes in tax planning. The case study would focus on one client and explain:

  • How much money the client was spending by not engaging in tax planning
  • Tax planning strategies your firm incorporated
  • The effects that your strategy had on the business

Effects, such as freeing up cash flow to expand the business, are major selling points and can all be part of your content marketing strategy.

Why Evergreen Content Marketing for Accountants Works

Content marketing for accountants can be complex, and you really need a good mix of content to drive organic traffic to your website. We’ve found that evergreen content works well in the accounting industry because there’s so much to write about.

You’ll find a lot of great examples of accountant evergreen content below, but before reading that section, it’s crucial to answer one question: why invest in evergreen content?

To Educate Your Clients

Your clients want you to educate them. In fact, they have many questions and are likely relying on Google to find answers to them when doing their own research. You should work to answer these questions because they’ll:

  • Create an image that you’re an authority in the field
  • Nurture potential leads
  • Assist clients in their journey to find answers to their problems

Content for marketing purposes should be informative and educational, too. Evergreen content fits this mold perfectly.

To Drive Organic Traffic to Your Site Permanently

Your firm needs a steady stream of leads to keep your client pipeline full. If you’re creating news or timely content as your only form of content marketing, you will pay time and time again for traffic.

Evergreen content is the foundation of a content marketing strategy because it will continue to drive traffic to your site over the years.

One-time Investment, Long-term Rewards

Finally, one of the main selling points of evergreen content is:

  • You create content once
  • The same content continues to send traffic to your site

Depending on the content created, the traffic may even help generate sales for your firm, leading to a continual source of revenue. You don’t need to continue paying for the content once it’s made, and it will pay for itself time and time again.

It’s a marketing tactic that will continue to pay dividends over the long term.

If you create evergreen content properly, it will:

  • Help you grow your search engine rankings
  • Drive traffic to your site over time

But how do you create this type of content? What would you even write?

How to Create Evergreen Content for Accountants

We have a lot of marketing ideas that you can implement to create great content, but many people get stuck on the idea of “evergreen accounting content.” It’s true that the accounting world evolves swiftly, but there are still many great options for creating this type of content.

Examples of evergreen content for accountants include in-depth blog posts on:

  • Why monitoring cash flow is essential for small businesses
  • What bookkeeping tasks you should do monthly
  • How to create a basic cash flow report
  • How to read your financial statements
  • Accounting best practices 

A great way to begin your content marketing for accountants is to get all of your firm’s partners together for a meeting. The meeting will be a brainstorming session. You can ask:

  • What are the common questions clients ask you?
  • What are the basic tasks you seem to do every day?

Allow everyone to answer these questions, and you’ll often find a goldmine worth of information. You want to think of topics and ideas that will be relevant today and ten years from now.

Content marketing is used in 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C companies as a critical part of their overall marketing strategy. You need to begin creating content that people want to read and search engines will rank.

There’s a lot of content to choose from, but evergreen content will likely be one of the best choices.

We use content marketing for accountants with great success for the firms we work with. Our content creators are hard at work creating all different forms of content, but some of the most important are the evergreen content we create.

Evergreen content will continue to drive organic traffic to our clients’ sites for years to come because it will always be relevant.

Click here to see how we can help you with your evergreen content marketing for accountants.

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