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Ready to create MORE impact in LESS time? 

If so, I’ve found six keys to doing so.


When it comes to time management, I don’t mess around. 

While I love my job, 

I also love spending time with my family, being outside, riding horses, seeing friends, and a lot more.

Work isn’t my entire life, which requires me to master time management if I still want to create a big impact. 

I’ve teamed up with FloQast to create an entire blog about the six keys I’ve found to truly master my time.

They are: 

1️⃣ Plan out your day


👉 Does this need to be done at all?

👉 Does this need to get done right now?

👉 Does this task need to be done by me?

Then you can prioritize and plan accordingly. 

2️⃣ Delegate as needed

This isn’t profound, but a lot of accountants struggle with delegating. What are you holding on to that you can delegate? I bet there are a plethora of things. 

👉 Make it a goal to delegate one thing every week, no matter how small that task is.

3️⃣ Streamline tasks with the right tech stack

👉  For existing tech, ask yourself if there are ways you could better utilize your current tech stack and consider what you may be able to eliminate given updated processes or new tech on the market. 

👉 As far as new tech goes, you want to keep tabs on what’s available, and what you could implement in the workplace to further streamline your tasks and workflow.

For the remaining 3️⃣ tips, check out the full blog here: https://floqast.com/blog/strategies-for-effective-accounting-time-management/

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