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An estimated 44.2% of accounting professionals are either still using spreadsheets or in the process of making the transition to workflow software.

Like many of these professionals in the transitioning stage, you may be wondering where to start.

If that’s you, I’ve got you covered!

Every accounting firm and accounting department is unique, but there are four important steps to begin creating and implementing effective workflows.

1️⃣ Assessment: Gauge where you’re at right now.

Evaluate your current workflows and start identifying your pain points.

For each pain point, consider the best way to solve the problem.

Is it merely a change in how the process is done, or can you leverage technology to make things easier?

2️⃣ Design: Once you’ve assessed the situation and understand your pain points, you can create a workflow map to address these issues.

3️⃣ Implementation: Armed with your workflow map, you can begin rolling out your new workflows.

This process should be accompanied by appropriate support and training to ensure it’s a success.

4️⃣ Monitoring and Optimization: Once implemented, continually monitoring and adjusting is crucial.

Monitoring can take the form of manual check-ins with your team or even technology.

To get the full 411 on how to create effective workflows as an accountant, check out the blog Katie Thomas, CPA did with FloQast here:

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