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One of your colleagues recently asked:

Why do some people seem to be super successful on social media and grow their following easily, whereas others (like myself) have been posting for years now and barely grow? Some people seem lucky, but maybe I’m missing something

I thought this was a great question and wanted to break it down. 

They’re certainly experts on social media platforms, who produce great content and have a large following, but there’s often nothing special about these people. 

(At the end of the day, they’re just people like you and me.) 

So what are they doing that has enabled them to stand out online and build their following faster than others?

Let’s talk about it. 

1. Almost Everyone Starts Small

A few people are superstars already outside of social media, and some people DID have a viral post or few that caused them to blow up overnight. However, for the vast majority of the people who have big followings today, they started small. They, like you and me, started with zero followers. Over time they took certain actions that have gotten them to where they are today. 

The question is, are you willing to put in the work to grow your audience? 

2. Community Building and Nurturing

The heart of social media lies not in creating content but rather in creating a community. Successful social media personalities understand this and pour their energy into building a loyal, engaged community. They communicate with their followers, respond to comments, and make their followers feel seen and appreciated. This nurturing creates a sense of belonging and encourages followers to interact more, boosting the visibility of posts.

If you’re struggling to grow on social media, ask yourself if you’re taking a community-first approach. 

3. Creating Content that Resonates with the Audience

Understanding your audience is key to creating content that will resonate with them. Successful social media figures often have a clear idea of their target audience’s needs, wants, and interests. They use this understanding to create content that engages their audience and provides value to them.

Too many people focus on creating content that their peers will resonate with, rather than content that their audience will resonate with. 

4. Offering Unique Points of View

This is a biggy.

The social media landscape is saturated with content, making it harder for YOUR content to shine. Those who’ve found success in building their audience through content often do so by offering a unique perspective or a fresh take on a topic. 

This differentiation helps attract attention and pique interest, ultimately leading to more engagement and followers. 

For you, start thinking about what unique points of view you have and how you can share those online. 

5. Consistency is Key

Lastly, consistency is one of the most crucial aspects of social media success. This means regularly posting high-quality content AND focusing on nurturing your community. 

Doing both signals to your followers (and to the algorithm) that you’re reliable leading to increased visibility and engagement over time.

It’s taken me over 5 years to grow my LinkedIn to where it is today. Don’t compare your chapter 1 of 2 to other people’s chapter 22. 

6. Numbers don’t always = $$$

Of course having a bigger audience CAN lead to more money in your bank, but more followers certainly don’t always equal more revenue. The same goes for people with a small following. We’ve helped firms who barely have a following greatly increase their income via social media. 

To sum it up, growing your audience on social media isn’t often about luck, but rather it’s about creating a community, understanding your audience, and providing consistent, valuable content, while also nurturing your community.

And, that’s a wrap on this Dear Katie question.

Now I want to hear from you. Do you have a question? 

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