As discussed in Katie Thomas’ article with FloQast: “Long before the pandemic, the accounting industry, in particular, had been susceptible to burnout and a general feeling of being overworked. A few years ago, I experienced this while working in public accounting. Pre-pandemic accounting professionals were burnt out, and post-pandemic, it’s only getting worse. If accounting teams want to be successful in the future, they don’t have a choice but to proactively help their employees avoid burnout while making their work more fulfilling.”

So what can you do to help yourself and your team avoid burnout?

Luckily a lot!

How to Avoid Burnout

Katie dives into this in her two-part series with FloQast, How Teams Can Avoid a Burnout Crisis With an Employee-First Mindset.

Check out the articles and let us know how you’re preventing burnout yourself and for your teams!

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