Are You Over Promoting on Social Media

One of your colleagues recently asked:

How do I know if I’m being overly promotional in my social media content? 

And I think being conscious that you “may” be over-promoting is a good thing. No one enjoys following people on social accounts that are overly promotional. 

If you’re concerned about being too promotional, theres’ a very easy way to know if you’re falling off track or not.

My Easy Method of Knowing If I’m Over-promoting

I always aim to create engaging content that people will like, find value in, and will share with others.

When it comes to worrying about being overly promotional, here’s my trick.

When I create this content, I always think back to watching television as a kid.

When you watched your favorite show and a commercial popped up right in the middle, what did you do?

Most of us would:

👉 Change the channel

👉 Watch another show

👉 Pop back to see if the commercials were over

No one likes to be bombarded with commercials, and I firmly believe that people don’t want to be over-promoted to on social media.

When you think about your social media content, does it deliver value? Offer a good story? Engage your followers? If it does, they’ll gladly stay on your channel and will be eager to see your next post.

But if all you’re doing is promoting your services and not delivering value, you’re giving people zero reason to follow you. 

People will treat your social media account like a television channel and end up switching to one of your competitor’s profiles because they’re delivering value.

What I want you to do is go to your social media profile and ask yourself:

  • Would I follow my profile?
  • Would I like these posts? 
  • Would I view these posts as being too promotional?

If you’re 100% honest with yourself, you’ll see if you’re being over-promotional or not on your account. And don’t misconstrue this advice as meaning that you can never promote your services.

Does This Mean You Can Never Promote Your Services?

Not exactly.

You can and should be promotional in your content from time to time. And it’s absolutely okay to ask people to:

  • Book a call
  • Get in touch
  • Sign up for your webinar
  • Etc.

But only under certain conditions:

  1. If most of your posts AREN’T focused on asking people to take an action that is sales-oriented but rather they focus on helping your audience.
  2. When you DO make an ask, you make it clear how it will benefit them.

Let me show you an example of two kinds of posts:

Post 1:

ABC Accounting Firm is now accepting 2024 tax clients. 

Book a time on our calendar here and get your tax return filed today.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Post 2:

We used three strategies to save our client Bob $45,897 in taxes last year.

Here they are: 👇

Strategy 1: Fill in the blank

Strategy 2: Fill in the blank

Strategy 3: Fill in the blank

Better yet, this $47,897 will continue to compound year after year. 

When we work with clients, we don’t just file their tax returns, but we also do tax planning to ensure they’re paying the bare minimum in taxes.

Curious if there are strategies you might be missing out on that are causing you to overpay in taxes? 

Grab a link on my calendar below. 

Which one of these posts do you think will resonate with people and entice them to book a call? 

I’d bet my money on Post 2. 

Why? Because you:

  1. Shared a story that people can relate to
  2. Delivered value by demonstrating the benefits and outcomes of your strategies

Another effective way to softly promote your services is to share reviews and testimonials from clients whom you’ve achieved great results for.

5 Accounts to Inspire Your Content

Finding that balance between being too promotional and not promotional enough can be tricky. I connect with a lot of accounting and finance professionals on social media. Unfortunately, most of them don’t do content right.

AKA they just run commercials.

But not all of them are promotional machines. These five accounting and finance creators are killing it in the content department:

  1. Kelly Rohrs, CPA
  2. Roman Villard, CPA
  3. Ryan Lazanis, CPA
  4. Mando Sallavanti III, CFP, CLTC
  5. Nikole Mackenzie

If you want some inspiration on how to do content the right way, I highly recommend that you check out their profiles and review their content.

And, that’s a wrap on this Dear Katie question.


Now I want to hear from you. Do you have a question? 

Submit it here

Until next time, cheers to your success!


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