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Did you know that 70% of marketers invest in content marketing? Inbound marketing is one of the top ways to drive sales to an accounting firm. But you first need to have actual content to execute your marketing strategy fully.

We recommend accountant content marketing that involves reusable content to make the most out of a single piece of content.

So, instead of investing in high-end infographics for your website and not reusing it, you may want to rethink your strategy with a “reusable” mindset. Why? You can amplify your content marketing without needing to spend additional money.

Accountant Content Marketing: Creating Reusable Assets

All of the content that you create is an “asset,” called content assets. When you create certain forms of content, you can reshare it, in part or whole, across multiple platforms.

You want to, for example, avoid posting a unique blog post on your site and then multiple other sites because those sites may rank higher than your own. But if you feel inclined to repost a blog, be sure that your blog is indexed by Google first.

Outside of reposting the same blog to multiple platforms, you have many other ways to create reusable content assets.

A few ideas that can help you streamline content marketing for accountants include:

Creating Reusable Image Assets

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Images are always an essential part of content marketing because they draw more engagement from views. For example, if you post an image on a Facebook post, you’ll experience higher levels of engagement.

But your image doesn’t need to be unique to Facebook. 

A few good tips when creating reusable image assets are:

  1. Create generic images: We’ve all seen generic images that help us identify what a post is about and draws our focus to a certain point in a blog post. For example, take the images I used in this post. When I post this link on LinkedIn, I can reuse the image on the platform. You can also use this image in multiple posts and on multiple social media platforms. Note: If you license an image, be sure to check the usage terms because licensing may not allow multiple uses.
  2. Create infographics: Infographics were once one of the most popular content assets, and they still hold a lot of value in content marketing for accountants. How? Let’s say that you create an infographic with multiple headers or statistics. You can splice the image into multiple images to add them to social media posts or other content pieces. You can also allow others to use your infographic as long as your site’s URL remains on the image.
  3. Create image quotes: Image quotes are popular, and you can use them across multiple platforms. For example, you can mention a recent IRS change in an image quote and use it across multiple platforms to boost your content marketing.
  4. Make use of statistics: Statistics are one of the cornerstones of content marketing because people love them. And a lot of people will link and share them. Create small images with statistics in them to share.

You can, with many images, create multiple versions of the image to fit the ideal size for social media platforms. Image assets help bring your accounting firm into the spotlight. Whether you’re creating content for social media or other platforms, you should include images with your content.

Creating Reusable Text Content Assets

“Content asset” is a broad term because it can include everything from text to PDFs, images and videos. A few of the ways that you can begin creating reusable text content is to:

  1. Add in quotes or statistics: Quotes and statistics are two of the easiest ways to make content reusable. You are already doing the research, so why not use these quotes or statistics to create images? You’ll also improve your content’s linkability.
  2. Break down your content with lists: Are you using lists in your content? You should be. Lists help make your content easier to read and can be reshared on social media or other platforms.
  3. Break down your content logically: A lot of time and research is required to create content. You should break your content into logical chunks that allow you to reuse it in the future. For example, you can reuse ideas from a specific section of a blog post or use sections to create an eBook or downloadable piece of content.

Now that you have all of these text content assets, you can begin reusing them in several ways:

  • Post lists to social media
  • Create images from quotes or stats
  • Post quotes or stats to multiple platforms
  • Repackage posts into an eBook or downloaded content
  • Expand on your content by running a webinar or creating videos

Speaking of video, creating video assets is an excellent option for content marketing. You can post the same video across multiple platforms, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

If you think video content isn’t valuable, think again. Approximately 60% of businesses are using video in their marketing. And over 1-in-3 of these markets are using video multiple times per week to reach audiences.

Short and long videos are acceptable, and they can boost engagement dramatically.

If your firm struggles to find a way to be relatable and boost engagement, consider video content. Your audience wants to put a face to your firm, and this can help people feel more comfortable working with you. Video is also far more personal than a wall of text.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing can feel overwhelming because there are so many platforms to consider. Creating new content for every platform is a quick way to deplete your marketing budget. Reusing content assets can help you stretch your marketing budget and reach a wider audience.

Accountant content marketing is constantly evolving with new social media networks to leverage and ways to reach your target audience. Using the tips above will allow you to create content assets that you can share across multiple platforms.

Need help creating reusable content for your marketing? Book a free consultation with us today to get started.

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