3 Ways to Engage with Potential Clients on Social

One of my followers recently asked:

I have my niche (real estate) and regularly post on social media, but I’m not seeing any traction. Can you give me your recommendations on what you’d do next?

This is a great question! First, I want to congratulate this follower on having a niche because it’s so important in marketing. Having a niche allows you to target the right people and create more intentional content that’s appealing to your audience. 

Now, onto the most important thing: how to better engage with potential clients – or how to get traction on your account.

1. Dig Deeper Into Your Niche

My first recommendation would be to dig deeper into your niche if you haven’t done so already. This follower’s niche is real estate, but what part of real estate? Are they focused on:

  • Agents?
  • Investors?

See if you can dive deep and identify an appropriate sub-niche to really create targeted content. If you can find an area of your niche that is underserved, you can easily establish yourself as an authority and start gaining traction on your accounts.

Don’t forget – it’s easier to boil a bot of water than it is to boil a lake.

2. Post Content That Your Audience Values

Digging deeper into your niche is a great start. But I think it’s important to look at the content you’re posting. Are you creating content that’s valuable to your audience?

After reviewing this follower’s content, I would say that part of the issue is that they’re being too promotional. Maybe you’re making the same mistake – it’s easy to do!

Being too promotional can turn users off. In fact, it’s been found that 43% of users unfollow brands because of too many promotional posts.

I would recommend creating more content that adds value to your audience. Here are some tips:

  1. Ask yourself what questions your audience has that you can answer.
  2. Is there something your audience is being misled about? Is there something they think is right but is actually wrong? You can point out these common pitfalls.
  3. Can you share your strategy or action steps that your followers can take to get to the next level? 

Creating and posting valuable content is great, however;

Content is only one piece of the equation if you want to succeed on social media. I recommend making sure that you’re actively having conversations and making connections with people in your niche.

3. Be Where Your Audience Is – Even if It’s Not Social Media

Social media is awesome. You must be on it, BUT its benefit to your niche may vary. Clothing companies can kill it on social, but other industries have far less reach. You need to do MORE than just post on socials if you want to build your brand.

You need to be where your target audience is located, which means:

  • Blogging on leading platforms. Are there certain blogs that your audience reads all the time? Try guest blogging on them to build up your brand.
  • Influencer hijacking or collaboration. You can hang out in an influencer’s group on Facebook in your niche and “hijack” their following. Ask and answer questions to help yourself get noticed. You can connect with the influencer and collaborate with them. Perhaps you can go on the person’s podcast or webinar to add value to their audience.
  • Spending time on leading forums. Forums are still major hangout spots. BiggerPockets is an amazing forum for real estate because a lot of investors and agents spend time on it. Answer questions, engage with others, and share your expertise with others. 
  • Attending events that your audience attends. Can you speak at industry events? Can you network at these events? If your niche is real estate, you can attend the BiggerPocket’s BP Con. If you can speak at one of these events, it will be an immediate reputation boost.

Remember – you need to be where your ideal audience is located. And if you mix social media into all of the points above, you’ll have kickstarted growth in your niche.

And, that’s a wrap on this Dear Katie question.


Now I want to hear from you. Do you have a question? 

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Until next time, cheers to your success!


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